Funny 😁

This made me chuckle ..

All those YouTube thumbnails you see with startled faces!

Got to love this cartoon :)

Credit Last Place Comics.

20 second social media post

For some reason people love seeing editing timelines.

If you are editing a sales video, your next online course or a YouTube video, take a screenshot of the timeline as you edit and post it on Social Media to build anticipation and announce what you are creating.

You may get more interaction than normal.

The same goes for filming set ups, always take some stills of your camera/ lighting setup when you shoot your next video to share with your followers pre-launch.

Watch your headroom!

It's a basic error but take care how much headroom you leave in your headshots, especially if you are booked for a video podcast or TV interview.

You want to match the composition of the interviewer .. unlike this fellow:

Try something different

This morning in my YouTube feed was a video from a channel I had no clue about.

I do watch guitar tutorial channels but had never encountered Nicky V ( a musician from Nashville.)

He has been getting about 1k views on his tutorials or covers but then BOOM a breakout video titled:

How much do touring musicians get paid? Nashville

As I type the video has reached 391k views!

It's intriguing, feels like insider knowledge not easily available and people always love the topic of money. (Click to watch it - their pay is shocking!)

video preview

So if you are doing the same old, same old content, what subject idea can you test that's different?

Random but ...

Did you get to see the Northern Lights?

I have never seen them before in London, I took this shot was from my loft.

The lights were so faint to the naked eye my neighbors didn't believe me, but the sensitivity of an iPhone on a long exposure let's you see things that your eyes can't!

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