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Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

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In this issue:

  • What not to wear
  • Spring cleaning
  • Content is everywhere
  • Use props
  • Random news

What not to wear 👨 👩

With captions all the rage on Social Media videos, one mistake I see is this:

Wearing t-shirts/hoodies with large text or logos on them.

It might be cool looking but when you add captions over it's just distracting your viewer from your core message.

Keep it simple and 👉 imagine your video with captions over.

Spring cleaning 💰

I have accumulated a lot of video and photo gear over the years.

Know the feeling?

It's been taking up way too much space & gathering dust so time to get rid of it.

I haven't previously used eBay much, but it has a flood of buyers just sat there waiting for your stuff.

Out of 12 items 10 sold pretty fast.

A tip I picked up as a newbie ... use the 'watching' feature to motivate sales.

You can message your 'watchers' (folks watching your listing) with a discounted offer, I have found it works great for items that are sitting a little too long.

Content is everywhere 👀

If you are struggling to think of ideas for your short-form content then look for 'slice of life' opportunities.

No need to get all formal and sit in a studio .. what are you doing day to day that you can share and turn into a learning point with some value?

This week I spotted a video from Chris Ducker sat in the back of a car.

The duration is only 22 secs, it's on the fly and feels natural but there is a quick tip attached.

👉 Always think what value is there in your video for the viewer. Don't just make it about you.

Watch it on X.

Use Props 🔨

Next time you are passing a 1 $/£ shop (insert your own currency) I want you to go in.

Look for any props that you could use in your videos to make them more engaging, or to get your point over visually.

Of course you can look around your house too.

Props will make a straight talking head more interesting and add an element of surprise.

In this GIF I made you can see VidIq using a 'sledge hammer' to make their point.


YouTube AI rules You need to disclose to YouTube if you are using AI 'altered or synthetic' content.

Gym bans tripods 😮 With all those influencers filming in gyms some folks aren't happy!

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