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In this issue:

  • Show the problem
  • Marmite video
  • The debate continues
  • Missing the boat
  • Background idea

Show the problem

To create videos that sell you need to rub in the problem your prospect is facing before offering the solution.

So to do this visually with video you can get creative.

Let's think of some examples off the top of my head ...

You are teaching Spanish so ... you can role play both characters showing what it's like to be in a Spanish speaking country and out of your depth.

You ask in non-existent broken Spanish "How do I get to the station?" the second character replies in Spanish "It's half past two!"

You are teaching how to increase productivity for solopreneurs. You could show a distressed solopreneur (you acting) covered head to toe in sticky notes. (Hat tip: Marisa Murgatroyd)

If you have a physical product to sell you can show what life is like without the product.

Case in point this (popular) Video Ad for a tent, they do a good job of showing the problem of setting other tents up.

Watch on facebook or if not it's available in my dropbox.

Your task: How will you illustrate your prospects problem via video?

Marmite Video

I estimate maybe 70% of you won't like this sales video too much :)

It's kind of over the top, but I still think you can learn from it.

video preview

As well as on a travel course sales page here ... it appears on YouTube and is congruent with the audience's expectations of the creators style, Damon Dominique.

He clearly wants his YouTube audience to jump off YouTube to go pay for his course. The pitch needs to feel seamless.

It's not over salesy, it's packed with authenticity and quirkiness and makes you feel like the course is going to be fun.

You get a feel of the experience of taking the course not just ... here's a list of lessons.

After a montage at the start to engage, he teases you with the mistakes he's made as a traveller. This makes you really want to know the solution.

He gives you tiny snippets of the topic of each module, but always keeps it moving.

Best go watch it and see what you can apply to your videos.

I always recommend watching and learning from videos that are outside your niche and comfort zone!

The debate continues ...

The debate of whether Social Media Videos need to slow down, get simpler (less Broll, graphics, jump cuts etc) is raging.

One guru says yes, another says hang on a minute, it's not one size fits all, just because a big YouTuber says they are changing and going for a more simple style, it doesn't mean you should.

This post by Adam is valuable.

Missing the boat

Pick a key saying and hook a visual to it.

'Have your cake and eat it' - you tucking into a massive cake.

'Get the ball rolling' - you at the bowling alley.

This super simple looped Video Ad is based around the saying 'Don't miss the boat.' (Yes, it's mute)

The Ad ( I imagine for a warm audience) is for the 'Train my Traffic Person' course with Molly Pittman. (TMTP)

It catches attention 👇

Watch on facebook or if not it's available in my dropbox.

Background idea

A quick idea I saw from Marisa Murgatroyd, use sticky notes as a low cost backdrop, they make a plain wall much more interesting and (if it fits your niche) it looks great!


Apple got in a pickle for this iPad Ad

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