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In this issue:

  • Video means work
  • Make your interviews awesome
  • Go Live in YouTube shorts

Video = work


Shock horror! Video results does take work.

Some Marketers are saying sit back relax let AI magically clone you and create amazing, authentic, authoritative videos.

We are not there .. yet.

You can’t hide away from the fact that getting results with Video takes some sweat. (Like anything in business)

Sure there are tools to help but at the end of the day you need to schedule the time to get all that expertise out of your head onto video - on a regular basis.

I loved this community post you'll see below by Jonathan.

VideoHero has been editing his weekly Long form Youtube Videos and Video Shorts for over a year. He releases videos week in week out, whilst helming his IT Services company Integral IT.

Jonathan sends us his raw talking head footage weekly without fail and my Editors work their magic. He talks to camera, glances at his notes, talks, keeps the camera running and we pick out the best bits.

πŸ‘‰ No need to stop start every line - just keep going as you get into the zone.

He has a nicely niched channel branded as Jonathan Edwards Tech with the authority and expertise to solve his audiences problems and answer their burning questions.

πŸ‘‰ It feels personal, not a faceless company. It's not for everyone it hits the mark with his audience.

Recently I noticed he has been recording useful reviews and tutorials of new software releases and updates that are hot, newsworthy and being searched for.

πŸ‘‰ What’s upcoming in your niche so that you can ride the wave of interest?

He recently hit home run with 181k views on this Video about Microsoft Loop!

​Watch here.​

Learning points:

  • It's an upbeat style - the niche might seem to some dry but there's no need to make dull videos, you can add some infotainment value.
  • We have movement in the first frames to catch attention.
  • We use typewriter style text (this style fits the topic of computers) to add clarity and grab those who haven't yet turned up the sound.
  • We use motion graphics, transitions, sound FX and sometimes funny b-roll to keep it flowing and add humor. We don't take it too seriously.
  • Based on feedback we stopped adding music under the screen captured section as it was distracting, and repetitive. (Always keep elements like music ebbing and flowing to avoid boredom and listen to viewers feedback)
  • I look back at the first cut by the Editor and I can always see ways to improve it - having another pair of eyes to look at your Edit is invaluable before you publish! Ask someone you know or a typical viewer.
  • Jonathan uses YouTube's related video feature to link his shorts to his main Channel video, like here. How to do that? See this.
  • He also use role play to get big reactions, I noticed this works well on his LinkedIn where he also leverages his shorts. See him as dinosaur!
  • Oh, and he lifts the time consuming burden of editing by outsourcing.

So, on Jan 18 I noted down he had 20.2k YouTube Subscribers, today as I write on March 6 he has 27.4k - that’s a 34% increase in less than 2 months.

But views are one thing, does it bring in any business? In his community post Jonathan wrote:

"Something I’ve learned about marketing A few years ago we identified a local business we wanted to work with. We cold called them. We kept cold calling them until we got through to the decision maker.

He was pleasant enough on the phone but was clear we weren’t doing any business. What did we do next? We got his email address and started sending emails. A few weeks later he unsubscribed. What next? I look back at that and think it was lazy and aggressive marketing.

I don’t like being on the receiving end of either of those tactics. So we changed our approach. We started publishing several videos each week. No outreach. Just write, film and publish. I connected with that same guy on LinkedIn.

Earlier this week he sent me a message. He’s been watching my videos for ages and thinks we’re an ideal fit for his business. He’s not engaged with the videos once. Just watched them. I’m meeting him next week. That marketing feels better."

The bottom line:

Go for it! Week in week out, push yourself or you'll always be wondering .. what if?

Go check Jonathan's channel (both longs and short forms) his positive comments and do subscribe!

If you’d like to book a call with me to discuss VideoHero editing your long form videos go here.


So recording and publishing Zoom style interviews is a winning formula.

But they can feel flabby and dull if not edited.

A trend I have spotted is to re-record your intro and questions as the interviewer and replace them when you edit.

This means:

  • Your intro grabs attention and is like a trailer complete with B-roll for what's to come.
  • You improve your performance by tightening up your questions.
  • If your guest has gone off on a tangent in their answer but it's great content you can record, after the event, a new question that leads into their unexpected answer.
  • You can add some extra narration or clarification. Meaning you could summarise "So we've learned that the key thing to implement is XYZ but what about ...... that's what I wanted to find out next". Cuts back to interviewee.

VidIQ the video booster tool does this well on their channel.

​Watch this Video to see what I mean by that last point in action. You will start 143 secs into the video where an answer is summarised shortly after. Spool forward to see the intro.

πŸ‘‰ Get VidIQ here.​


Did you know you can now reach more people by going Live in the YouTube shorts feed?

You need to go Live in a vertical orientation.

​Find out more.​

Speak soon!



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