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In this issue:

  • Black Magic Camera App update
  • Film your screen
  • Torture but a channel idea
  • Plan your holiday (videos)

Black Magic Camera App update (v 1.3)

Black Magic is a pro style app for capturing iPhone Video and it's FREE!

It's coming to Android too.

So they have just released an upgrade which means you can now monitor your audio as you shoot via wired or bluetooth headphones and see the levels too.

If you film talking heads, interviews or events ... shooting with Audio 'blind' and NOT actually hearing if the audio is ok, if the background sound is too loud, or the audio itself is overcooked, if the lapel mic is rubbing against a shirt or if your external mic is actually functioning at all - is risky as hell!

You need to monitor the audio, a feature which is not available on the native iPhone camera app.

Film your screen

If you are holding a Webinar, or looking to promote a product via an Ad, it's easy to think you must have a video that is slick and polished.


The big trend now (which usually means it's working) is to film your computer screen and narrate from behind the camera.

Use a lapel mic though, else your audio will be muffled, stitch the shots together + add captions (use an app like CapCut for this)

Then you will have an authentic feeling, non-salesy style video.

So you could film a webpage, like your webinar registration page, course sales page, or your slide deck / video editing timeline as you prepare your course / product to create anticipation or get more sign ups.

Give it a go and send me a link to your video.

See how Opus Clip uses this style in their video Ad.

👉 Watch their Video on my site.

Torture but a channel idea

I have noticed a growing trend for YouTube channels that focus on filming bakeries and restaurants behind the scenes.

I recently watched a chef make 300 Pizzas in Italy which is torture for me as I am off dairy and gluten at the moment :)

1.5 million views on 👉 this video.

It's addictive viewing and weirdly relaxing.

Obviously this kind of filming takes time and dedication to grow a channel but at least no YouTube bot is going to demonetize you for doing AI generated content!

You could monetize via ads and sponsorships from food brands, plus affiliate links leading to cooking products like a Pizza oven. The restaurants themselves may want to pay for extra social media videos and video ads too.

It's real life, real stories and good for local businesses too. A win win.

For bakery content ... there are 7.3m views on 👉 this video.

Plan your holiday themed videos

My designer is busy creating new assets for my popular Motion Hero Club.

👉 Join here.

This deckchair motion graphic is in the next batch to be uploaded as we head towards the summer and vacations.

Now is the time to start planning what videos you could shoot with a Holiday theme.

Think ... What angle could fit your business?


Fitness Coach: How to stick to your diet on vacation.

Online Business Coach: How to profit from your holiday adventures.

Gardening guru: A visit to a local garden center abroad.

You get the drift.

Or simply plan to shoot a batch of talking head videos that can take advantage of the beautiful natural backdrops you will encounter.

In its' quickest form you can take advantage of your location by just recording three outdoor clips per video, a top, middle & tail and then write the full voiceover to use under slides / broll when you're back home and have more time.


New YouTube shopping features

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