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In this issue:

  • Add your personality
  • Dynamite Video Ad
  • Interesting Mount
  • iPhone App

Inject your personality


This sailing couple, should be picked up by Netflix or a Reality TV Channel. They are entertaining.

Getting cast on a Reality TV show can be a life & income changer but it's extremely hard. Getting exposure via a YouTube channel is one way to get noticed - actually prove to people on video you have the X factor.

Their channel Sailing Tela Ru is part of boat load of Sailing Adventure channels, but they do stand out.

Reason: They mix Cowboy with the topic of Sailing!

It's not what you expect, it grabs attention.

The host injects cowboy quotes into his script "If you climb in the saddle be ready for the ride!" and from time to time uses country music in their videos. It's an interesting juxtaposition.

โ€‹Watch this example Videoโ€‹

They could definitely tighten up their Editing and improve the channel but they are doing great work as is.

My question to you ...

How can you add more of your personality, character or your hobbies into your niche videos?

How can you turn an apparent contrast into something unique?

As I typed this I noticed a James Wedmore Instagram video where he combines his Guitar hobby with a business lesson. Case in point. ๐Ÿ’ฅ

โ€‹Watch hereโ€‹

Dynamite Video Ad

This Video Ad by Vince Reed caught my eye and has had a lot of great feedback on facebook.

Because it's not currently running I can't link to it on facebook so I have put it on DropBox for you to view.

โ€‹Watch the Ad here.โ€‹

Vince uses a Video Wrapper with a fat catchy headline up top to instantly grab attention - 'BRICK WALL FUNNELS' got me interested and there is a progress bar so you know it's not going to be too long to get to the end!

โ€‹Get my Video Wrappers and progress bars here.โ€‹

Here are some takeaways:

  • It's high energy and suits his target audience, he interacts with the Motion Graphics on screen which is real fun.
  • He drills into the problem hard and uses whiteboards to visually map out the issue - itsโ€™ super clear, and you identify with it.
  • He uses comedy meme B-roll, motion graphics and text overlays to keep you engaged (plus captions).
  • He shows statistical โ€˜proofโ€™ his system works and name checks people using the same method.
  • He makes you want to find out the solution without giving the details away. I think you'll be left wanting to find out the solution by the end.
  • He doesn't end the Ad abruptly, but lingers at the end to give you time to click.

We didn't edit this Ad .. but if you need something Editing high energy like this Ad as a one off project - drop me a line (hit reply)!


I spotted this Smartphone Mount by Matrix Mounts getting a lot of comments on facebook.

I am not endorsing it as I don't own one, but it made me smile.

Since you paid enough for your Phone already why not use it like a GoPro!


Alright, I should have mentioned this before .. but anyway .. since Filmic Pro (the goto app for taking full control over your iPhone Video camera) got bought out and went to a paid subscription model there is a Free alternative.

โ€‹Blackmagic camera โ€‹

  • If you use it for nothing else, having Audio Levels is handy when you are using an external microphone to check it's recording correctly.
  • Time of day timecode is useful so you can find clips based on when you filmed them (if shooting a lot have someone note down what time you filmed it to so you can find it fast in the edit)
  • You can adjust framerate, white balance and ISO.
  • & a whole lot more .. link above.

Next time in the Viewsletter .. why Slow Videos are the fastest growing Video trend ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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