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Sorry its' been a while and big note to myself: send you more tips!

Here is a useful Free tool I have spotted for Business Video Creators. If you know it already well done! More to come :)

Adobe Podcast AI (for Videos too!)

We've been using this 👉 free speech enhancement tool on less than good audio, it is a little hit and miss (either works great or over cooks it), but if you have recorded a screencast, zoom or any other kind of video and the audio is poor, I suggest you give this tool a go.

Let's say you are on the move and record a screencast on your laptop mic well it will make it sound like you are using a decent microphone!

Or you record an iPhone Video at an event and the background noise is a little distracting.

Then try this tool.

They also added recently for Adobe Premium Access Users the ability to upload your Video to fix the audio.

If you are on the Free plan just strip out your audio from your video to fix it.

The workflow for Free users is:

Export only your spoken word audio from your Editing timeline ... upload the audio to the Adobe tool and a few minutes later the improved audio is ready to download. Swap the audio on your timeline with the improved audio (delete the original.)

NB. for ScreenFlow users: you need to convert the file to mp3 as ScreenFlow exports Audio as .mp4. (If your chosen editor exports .mp3 you can ignore these steps.)

  1. Export the spoken audio from your ScreenFlow project timeline (select your In and Out on timeline (hit I and O keys) then file menu on top bar ... export .. manual ... preset (customize) .. toggle off video, Ok, Export .. this generates a .mp4 audio file without the video.
  2. Convert that .mp4 file to .mp3 you can use this free converter to do that.
  3. Upload the .mp3 to the Adobe tool, download the fixed audio it generates.
  4. Replace the Audio on your timeline with the new Audio file.

Its' a quick process once you get the hang of it.

Watch & Learn


I have mentioned this before ages ago but ...

Trying to film at a conference or event as an attendee can be overwhelming with so much going on, you can't possibly film it all PLUS network at the same time.

See how Paul Davids niches his NAMM Video down to just one Question: "What's the one tip I wish I got while learning guitar!"

Easy to film in small bursts when the opportunity arrives, plus he has a nicely integrated pitch for his course at the end of his YouTube Video. People you feature may share the video and you build connections too!

Think how you could apply this to your niche. Too much effort? You could film it vertical for a short, or series of shorts.


This Video has gone crazy over the past 10 days.

OpenAI, the creator of Chat GPT, has unveiled Sora, the latest generative artificial intelligence. It's a tool that makes impressive clips from your prompts. (No sound though)

It is for sure scaring Videographers and Visual Artists.

I can see a use for finding tricky stock clips, for example you need a specific clip and you prompt Sora to create: "Middle aged lady in a red coat, browsing her phone standing outside a fashion shop in Central London"

A clip that's pretty hard to find in a library.

Watch the Video.

What do you make of it?

Speak soon,


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