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In this issue:

  • Slow is the new fast
  • Dogs & Babies
  • Filmed on iPhone

Slow is the new fast

Personally because of my MTV Directing background I do lean towards pacy videos that pack a punch.

The explosion of Short-form video has also created a 'pace race' to deliver a lot of info in under 60 secs and this style has filtered through to long form content.

But not every niche suits fast. Trends do change and not everyone is looking for fast paced 'edutainment' from Social Media.

It's easy to watch an Educational Channel or Vlog with a whizz bang style and think you must follow that route yourself.

But there is a new trend getting attention and views.

Check out these channels for examples of a different kind of Video.

Sam Sulek - a body builder blowing up on YouTube. Very authentic and slow. No booms and crashes.

He has 3.7m views on this video.

Hindz - A soft spoken guru who makes you feel like he is talking directly to you. He adds a second headshot angle and music to keep it flowing. Just enough to not get dull. Slow and natural doesn't mean low quality, his filming is top notch.

Example here.

Life of Riza - A very talented lifestyle Vlogger. Her videos are not in your face and hyped up like many Vlogs. The example linked below hooks you in with enough pace from the start but is also gently led by her voiceover.

It's worth studying her cinematography too - remarkable that she films it all herself, plotting it out shot by shot on the go.

Example here.

So, if you are trying to establish your own style, see if these Creators inspire you.

Dogs & Babies

An old but gold trick for Video Ads (or any social video) ... create a pattern interrupt or movement at the very the start of your video to stop the scroll.

Hold a baby or a pet or even just a sudden movement like a wave will do.

Something that catches the eye or is unexpected.

Don't hold a gun though or facebook may boot you! :)

Here's some examples I made as GIFS for your delight ...

Filmed on iPhone

I have been a long time admirer of the channel Matt's Off Road Recovery - its' almost Netflix Reality TV quality in terms of the storytelling but filmed by his team.

He started the channel filming & editing on his iPhone on his own. You can read the background story here.

Watch an example video

I believe a lot of footage is still filmed on iPhones. The camera everyone owns already, so he can get multiple angles from the various crew members without complicating it with the need for lots of expensive and tricky to use gear.

Just point it and the wide lens will get you decent footage and the autofocus does an amazing job, add a microphone with a fluffy windshield (dead cat) and the audio will be fine. It helps they are filming in mostly good light & outdoors for sure.

Matt even has toy cars as part of the merch sold to his fans via his site.

If you have a photogenic or should I say 'videogenic' service business you should consider showing what happens behind the scenes. You could start with 60 seconds shorts/reels to test how it's received and get feedback before going all in with long form.

Could be a game changer - but you'll never know til you give it a go.

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